Made for the Archaeology BitsyJam using  Bitsy by Adam LeDoux.

My first time making a game outside of tutorials, my first ever game jam and my first time using Bitsy! 

Make sure to interact with everything that is accent-coloured (yellow/green/blue) and read the cool dialogue!

Oh, and let me know what you think either on Twitter or in the comments here :^)

TSWE is an absurd mini-adventure  game concerning a down-on-his-luck space cowboy and a period excavation.

This game includes

  • Ice-cream loving aliens
  • Benevolent gods and dig lords
  •  Archaeological terminology
  • An omnipotent desert duck

It's a fun little ditty. You should be able to beat it in about 5 minutes. 


Fun Facts

  •  I have a degree in Archaeology from Newcastle University. 
  •  The inspiration for the parlor and setting was all Helena Vesty.
  • Took me around 6-8 hours to make.
  • Most of the names are references to stuff I like. Let me know what you find.


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AH A FALSE ONION!!! HOW CAN IT BE?!! (im goofying!!!)

pretty fun game!! really enjoyed the fun npcs :D

(1 edit)

ahahah very cool! What about a longer version?

I'm glad you liked it! I would love to, possibly a different story for another jam :^)